Our new album “Connections” just released November 1st! From falling in love, to meeting your best love, to missing someone you love, to on-line dating, to chance meetings that make a difference…our original songs on “Connections” album touch key experiences we all have experienced in life.  (Click here to watch promo video)

Michael Levine, Bill, Sheri, Larry Blewitt, Rob Kuhlman

We had such an awesome team collaborating with us this summer to produce “Connections”, our best album yet:

Rob Kuhlman, Michael Levine


  • Larry Blewitt, Drummer and Percussionist

  • Norman Frank, Saxaphone on “Missing You (Vocal with Sax)”

  • Legendary Marty Rifkin, Pedal Steel Guitar on “Love Will Never Die”


  • Sheri – Vocals, Piano, Organ and Bill – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

As singer/songwriters, we are always hopeful that our music will be well received—and liked!  In this age of technology, there is so much competition out there!  Both Spotify and Napster have stated that they upload 20,000 to 24,000 new songs per day—half of which are new songs rather than remakes of covers. Ok, scale that number down a bit, and still you have 12,000 new songs every day!  This is why we appreciate our relationship with Canadian-American Records who have been distributing our recorded songs for radio air play world wide, since 2016,  to help us gather new listeners for our songs.

We especially appreciate you, our friends and followers, for your words of encouragement and kudos. Our desire is that our recorded music touches our listeners, and that when we perform our songs live, we help create more memories and connections in life!

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Sheri & Bill