Our Album/CD “Heart Beats (Instrumental Expressions)” offers “easy listening” instrumental versions of 6 previously recorded songs. Varying between solo piano, piano plus strings, sax plus piano, plus “all in” , we found just the right instrumental sounds to express the unique “heartbeat” of each song!   


“Missing You (Vocal with Sax)”

We previously recorded “Missing You” on our EP “Of Live and Love”.  We soon realized we wanted a version with a soulful sax in it.

(On line release–available for downloading and streaming.)

  • This video does a great job of telling the story ….as “minstrels in the background” we love how the story unfolds around us!


  • And if you haven’t watched it yet, please check out our “Better With You” Video below.  With just a bit of creative license applied, this song video does a good job of telling our own personal story!   (“Better With You” is available on our CD/Album “Of Life & Love” below)




“Of Life & Love”

Our album/CD “Of Life & Love”….from the romance of gentle waves and sandy beaches to the soothing rhythm of city sounds, to the simple joys of everyday life, our songs explore the many facets of love…and as always, with a positive spin!  

(Available in CD, downloading and streaming.)


“After getting your wonderful new CD “Of Life & Love” today, my fiancee and I feel you are writing and singing about us.. we have a reconnected love after a separation of 46 years. I just asked Fran to MARRY ME, as we drive around in my limo, listening to “Of Life and Love” by Sheri & Bill…. Cheers!”  Joey Welz, CEO, Canadian American Records


{Re “Missing You”} “The harmonies are especially nice, and it’s an uplifting, hopeful tune, though it also conveys longing. Also, the artwork you used really sets the Chicago scene.”  M Wheeler.


(Re “Missing You”} “Your harmonies are tight and your voices have that sobering Iron & Wine clear and clean sound which is delightful to listen to…”


“Your harmonies remind me of Simon & Garfunkel…”


“Better With You” Reviews:

“Very nice…Beautiful lyrics and harmony, and nice melody.  Definitely another “feel good” hit from Sheri and Bill!”    Linda M

“Entry of the song sounds great! Amazing voices! This is very cool when we can hear songs about love. The man and the woman are vocalists. And this is very awesome. I’ve never heard song like this. Really like it. This is fabulous song and music!” (Crowd Review,  Reverbnation)

“The instrumental introduction is soft and upbeat…a catchy rhythm and the lyrics are very heart-warming. The singers voices are very loving and the vocals are warm and calming… they sound happy…their voices are quite stylized and fitting to the music… It is a simple love song with a lot of meaning.  ” (Crowd Review, Reverbnation)


“Better As We Go”

This CD/Album features an upbeat makeover of “Ever Since Hello” with legendary Motown performer Ike Stubblefield on organ. 

(Available in CD, downloading and streaming.)


Better As We Go” Album  Reviews

“Your music is very good, and your album is beautiful – equal to any major label release.” Joey Welz, President & Owner, Canadian American Records.

“I love your new album!  All the songs are wonderful and my favorite is Ever Since Hello.  It’s such a happy, upbeat love song done in beautiful harmony. I find myself singing it throughout the day. Thank you for sharing your music!”

“I love your album!  Your love songs bring me to tears and your harmonies are wonderful!” 



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