Beach parties – a fountain of youth when shared with good friends! This year, with great music, fun games, happy beach decorations, tasty food and good friends, we didn’t get sand in our shorts, but we did have a bucket load of fun at the annual Gwinnett Council For Seniors Summer Party!

Sponsored by the Parc at Duluth and held at Bethesda Park Senior Center, this year’s party was a surfing success. As event hosts, we appreciate all the help and support from Gwinnett County Park  and Gwinnett Senior Golden Games. Thanks to Gwinnett Council for Seniors for hiring us 4 seasons in a row to host this fun summer event!  

As people strolled into our virtual beach, senses were peaked like the oncoming tide. For 2 ½ hours, we filled the air with happy Beach music, nudged folks onto the dance floor to play some Name That Tune, a dance contest and a hula hoop contest….and just plain fun! We awarded plenty of Sheri & Bill Mugs and CDs, and various door prizes to all the winners.  



We surprised everyone with the appearance of the notorious “Beach Babes” …they wore their bikinis well!

The Limbo Contest was a huge success – we have some very creative seniors!

And while our virtual sand didn’t allow for beach volley ball, we enjoyed a Holey Board competition provided by the Gwinnett Senior Golden Games. Everyone tried their hand and even competed for official Golden Games medals.  We hope a few more folks consider joining the annual Gwinnett Senior Golden Games this coming spring for more  fun and competition!  

Folks enjoyed Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings while we engaged everyone in a lively game of throwback trivia, with Sheri & Bill CD’s awarded to the happy winners.   


Event feedback we received was unanimous: “Let’s do this again next year!”   Ok, sure, but we think a  Talent/Variety Show is in order for next summer…there’s plenty of talent in our senior community!  So mark your calendars for the 3rd Thursday in July 2018 for next year’s event, and start getting your act together–bring it on!   

We duet, better as we go!  Sheri & Bill