“Colors of Our Love” is one of the six original songs on our upcoming album “Connections” that will be released this August.

We just wrote and completed this song in March, when a very special young bride-to-be requested that we write (and perform at the wedding) a song for her to walk down the aisle this coming fall.  We were up for the challenge, and  “Colors of Our Love” was the result, expressing how being in love colors your view of everything around you.

The bride-to-be has given “Colors of Our Love” full “thumbs up” (yup, she is very happy with the song!),  so we are almost as excited as she is for the upcoming October wedding!

We’ll share the recording once we get it recorded this summer.  And since we will also release this song on line as a single, we created a wonderful album cover for it as well.

We duet….better as we go!  Sheri & Bill