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Sheri & Bill” Calendar 

Sat Oct 1 2

Boutier Winery - Wedding (Gonzales-Heinze)

Boutier Winery
4506 Hudson River Church Rd, Danielsville, GA 30633

We love a good wedding – just wasn’t that long ago that we enjoyed our special day!   We have written an original song for the bride to walk down the aisle to…can’t wait!  Sheri & Bill

Fri Oct 1 8

Arbor Terrace of Hamilton Mill

“Sheri & Bill” perform for Happy Hour at Arbor Terrace Hamilton Mill

Sat Oct 1 9

Brookdale Village Fall Festival

“Sheri & Bill” return to Brookdale Village to entertain for their Fall Festival

Fri Oct 2 5

Halloween Party at Eastside Gardens

Sheri & Bill  entertain for the Halloween Community event party  at Eastside Gardens

Thu Oct 3 1

Southern Plantation Halloween Event

Sheri & Bill perform at Southern Plantation Halloween community event

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